Some Food for the "Numerologists" ;-)

Message posted by Andreas Parsch on July 21, 2002 at 14:48:18 PST:


[Warning: The following may be "old news" to those who "know", and useless and/or boring to those who don't ;-)]

An "informed source"[*] has provided me with some information about the allocation of "pseudo designations" to aircraft tested secretly by the U.S.
Air Force.

[*] I know that "informed source" does sound dubious. However, he told me his name and mentioned a few other people involved, but has asked not to be
identified in any public message. The background about how and where he obtained the information constitutes a coherent, and in principle verifiable, story. It also explains the lack of information regarding the actual aircraft types which used the various YF numbers.

These designations, as well as (fake) serial numbers were assigned for the purpose of creating USAF standard flight logs. The time frame of the information is late 1970's, and involves the 6513th Test Squadron "Red Hats". The following is a (probably incomplete) list of designations, together with bogus serial numbers, where available:

Designation Serial Numbers
YF-110B 75-001, 75-004, 75-010
YF-114D 75-008

The omission of a suffix on the "YF-113" is intentional. FWIW, the original (real) serials 75-001 though -016 were all cancelled allocations.



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