F-117's at RIAT info....

Message posted by Russ on July 21, 2002 at 8:45:45 PST:

The two F-117's that came over to RIAT for this weekend were both from the 8th FS 'The Black Sheep'.

Saw the flying example practice it's display last Thursday as I was down the end of RAF Fairfords runway. Got some photos of it coming right over my head!

Also saw it's display at the show yesterday. Not sure about the reg of the flying example, but the static one was: AF88 843. If thats any use to you F-117A Websmaster? I will have some photos.

The B-2 which was 89-0128 Spirit of Nebraska did a single pass on a 20 hour Global Power training mission. It was escorted by no fewer than 4 F-15C's from RAF Lakenheath!


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