Re: The Hunt for 928 - Walt Ray's Place of Death

Message posted by gary on July 17, 2002 at 23:36:56 PST:

I'll see if I can find that road some time.

The reason I asked if it was the F4 crash site was that there is terraserver coverage at Mormon Peak, and the area does not look like that image. Thanks for clearing this up.

I haven't tried, but there may be coverage near Cheroke Mine. New terraserver images are showing up in the area lately. Having looked at many crash sites from satellite photos once I found them on the ground, I find they are only useful to find roads not on the topo maps, which of course is always a good sign if you believe in Merlin's Laws. Otherwise, you really can't see much from the 1 meter photos because the plane parts are pretty small. I took Joerg to crash site in Marin county where he swore they chopped up the plane as no crash he saw around Rachel looks like it went through a shredder.

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