Re: The Hunt for 928 - Walt Ray's Place of Death

Message posted by Tom on July 16, 2002 at 21:19:50 PST:

> I wonder if Cherokee Mine is what is in Walt Ray's death certificate.
> Tom didn't put that on his website for a reason. I guess I have to
> go to Pioche and request the death certificate. However, setting
> foot in Pioche is very strange.

The certificate references a specific mining claim, and it's not the Cherokee Mine. The fun
is finding out where that specific claim is located. I didn't name it, because I didn't
want to lessen the "fun" for anyone! When you find info on the correct claim, you will
also find it references the Cherokee Mine, but the directions are vague and not terribly

I found Pioche to be entertaining. The Recorder folks seemed pleased to have anyone show up
interested in their records. You're just researching old mining claims, not an uncommon
event. I did get strange looks when I started inquiring at the Sheriff's office there about
old records of the event. Lots of blank stares.


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