Re: The Hunt for 928 - Walt Ray's Place of Death

Message posted by Tom on July 16, 2002 at 21:10:08 PST:

This is sort of a confusing post. My initial read of it makes it seems like you are
suggesting Ray's impact site is at the Cherokee Mine. It's not. It's some distance
away. But in a later post you seem to allude to that idea. So if anyone isn't
clear on it, Ray's impact site is NOT at the Cherokee Mine. I wish it was, it would have
been a lot easier to get to. To get to the actual site, you have to do more driving, and
make the correct turns on to the correct roads. Then, hike a bit.

Even if you knew the precise distance from Ray's impact point to the A-12, you might still
have your hands full. You can walk right by it and not know it's there. I know, because I
did. And so did Gary. He's really going to kick himself....


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