Re: The Hunt for 928 - Walt Ray's Place of Death

Message posted by Bob on July 16, 2002 at 8:36:43 PST:

It was really nice to find part of the puzzle.If you read my previous posts,you will see that I was somewhat familiar with the Cherokee Mine area.I had been there before I read Tom's story.Also I have driven Meadow Valley Wash from Caliente to Moapa so reading his story,I could identify with the places.I guess thats why the story remained alive for me although I didn't have any real desire to pursue it.Recently,I reread the story with the updated information and decided it was time for another visit to The Cherokee Mine area.The road is seven miles to the mine and even though I was in my Jeep TJ,I don't plan on going back.That should tell you something.If you have all Tom's pictures of the site and you look around,you can easily find the place.He left out a very important thing as you will see.Yea,I have some pictures I could post but they would look just like Tom's.That's why I didn't put any up.It is still a long,long way to finding the A12 site.You know this.Just because you know the "general area" doesn't mean it will be easy. Cell phone works at the mine area.The road sucks and is sandy in places.I did not need 4wd to the mine but it's a TJ with big tires.I have Satcom so I was comfortable up there.If you have a problem up there it could be very serious.It is very remote and nobody goes there in the summer.I drove from Elgin,up Kane Springs road to the Over the Hill Road.Then to Lyman Crossing and to Carp.Then back to the mine road and to the mine and back.Then to Elgin again and Caliente.I saw NO other vehicles.You are in jeopardy without more than a cell phone.Even then it could turn into a real ordeal.
Why do you want the death certificate? You do not need it.Pioche is not where to get it.Get the Lyman Crossing 7.5 topo or Delorme Topo Quads.The site is past the mine.Tom told us the elevation.You have a picture.Thanks to Tom,it is simple to find.You will have to walk a ways but you can get close.You will know it when you are there.Look a his picture of the LZ.

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