Re: The Hunt for 928 - Walt Ray's Place of Death

Message posted by gary on July 15, 2002 at 23:53:51 PST:

Congrats on finding half the puzzle. I wonder if Cherokee Mine is what is in Walt Ray's death certificate. Tom didn't put that on his website for a reason. I guess I have to go to Pioche and request the death certificate. However, setting foot in Pioche is very strange. I get that "you're not from around here, boy" look. Alamo, Rachel, Tonopah, and Caliente are used to strangers, but Pioche....

Are we to expect photos soon?

Regarding the A12 site, well, there is that public document I keep harping about....

Then again, I've been in the general area 3 times and still haven't found the shards. According to Tom, I sent him a photo of the area, just not a closeup. ;-)

Incidentally, I've found some interesting USAF crud will hiking, mostly stuff from flares. Small pieces of ceramic or plastic that look out of place in the desert are out of place, just not parts of a plane. I found a burnt piece of insulation miles from the crash site that sent me hiking way out of the crash area. Toms says there are shards of titanium, so I guess you should just look for titanium.

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