Anyone interested in buying a repro Area 51 shirt?

Message posted by F-117A Webmaster on July 15, 2002 at 21:14:03 PST:

I'm trying to decide if I should reproduce an area 51 shirt from the F-117A program. (There were a bunch actually) It would have the URL and logo on the left front chest, but the sleeve and back would be pretty much identical to an original I have obtained.

I'm thinking black silkscreened on white at first, red silkscreened on black maybe later (once I get the thing rolling and can afford the pricer combination) I'm roughing the cost to be $15 +S& something like $19 a T-shirt.

Would there be an interest in that kind of thing?

I would use the profits to support the website. You get price breaks at 24 and 48, but to do 48 shirts is like $500 bucks. I'm just trying to guage if there is enough interest to go ahead an do this sort of thing. Of course, i would offer the first batch or two here at DRL forum before posting on the website.

Maybe we'll start doing repro of patches if the shirts take off...well....we'll see. I'm not into making a business out of it, just make the website self supporting.

F-117A Webmaster


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