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Message posted by fastwalker on July 15, 2002 at 15:51:41 PST:

well, i certainly was not suggesting this method as better than a hi-res digital camera. i simply meant that (without a digital camera), when taking color prints, and you have no scanner or a poor scanner, i have found excellent results with the Kodak Picture CD and a roll of 36 onto a CD is about US$10. i believe they transfer the images direct from the negatives, since if you order a disc after processing, they require only the negatives and not the prints.
its also (to me) a good safety method to back-up a roll of irreplaceable shots and makes a nice package when receiving your photo finishing. everyone knows lost or ruined prints are NG and if anything happens to your negatives, you are SOL.
anyway, the main thing is Russ, enjoy the airshow for us who can't be there, and bring back some nice shots!
Cheers from a Yank!

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