Re: A question for F-117A Webmaster.....

Message posted by fastwalker on July 15, 2002 at 10:50:16 PST:

Although i do not have anything to do with the F-117 webpages, it may help to note that the best way to produce high quality digital images from your 35mm or APS photographic film is to request the optional Kodak photo-disc or photo-cd when dropping your film for processing. the photo-cd provides higher resolution pics at a higher price, but is well worth the extra cost if you need large format images, and the cd also includes Kodak software for modifying and adjusting your images. the 3-1/2" disc or photo CD-ROM is included with your negatives and prints. there is no scanning needed and you can email your images when you receive your prints. i am assuming this service is offered wherever Kodak processing is available. i hope this helps you or others who use color film in 35mm cameras. i have used this on important photos to avoid the risks and reductions of manual scanning.

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