X-45A flight test success at A51

Message posted by Jose on July 13, 2002 at 8:19:41 PST:

I received email from my friend, John Oni of Iwate,Japan this morning. He informed me Daegiji's Deep Secret Base newsletter report X-45A take off at A51 to Tonopah then u-turn to A51 on June 6 for 50 minutes flight. Second X-45A crash somewhere near A51 due to techical failure on June 17. John said newsletter claim FBI and Pentagon conducts an internal investigation when officials suspect Boeing Phantom Works mechanic leaked information.

According to LA Times, The Air Force UCAV are on display at Edwards AFB. At least eight of the jets, developed by Boeing and the DARPA to carry weapons into combat, have crashed, have crashed in Afghanistan and elsewhere since last fall.

According to Daily News newspaper, Eight UCAV are on display at Edwards AFB of as yesterday. I didn't know eight already there but i was told there are only press, military personnel and Boeing official attending at Edwards AFB.


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