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Message posted by gary on July 08, 2002 at 18:23:08 PST:

At this time of the year, you will have to camp out near the crash site and hike in the early AM, otherwise the heat will get you. That is also one of the best times to find snakes since they like to warm themselves in the sun after a cold desert night. Not that I am trying to deter you since I'll be making another attempt to find the crash site when I head out to watch Capstone.

I think driving from the "one room school house" to Elgin then Caliente would be a good trip to get you accustomed to the area. [I often have seen road runners on the dirt road from 93 to Elgin.] I suggest you think twice about driving the Meadow Valley Wash where you have to drive the bed of stone next to the railroad tracks. I had a flat on the way to Mormon Peak and let's just say it didn't make my day.

I took a look at my post regarding Rebob's directions and want to make sure it doesn't come off like I'm dissing him. Rather, I wish I did my research first, which would have saved me time and a few scratches on the truck.

Getting back to Tom's story, have a map handy (a computer map with GPS interface is better) and log the spots as Tom spells them out in the story.

Note that the A12 and F15 site has really been cleaned up, so you are looking for small bits of debris. The F4 crash near Mormon peak should be pretty good as I have read accounts of it elsewhere on the net.

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