Re: First Badger Mountain Hike (6/29/2002)

Message posted by DaveB on July 08, 2002 at 11:53:52 PST:

Nice job! I wonder which route you took. From the topo maps I'd think that coming in from the north would be easier but longer. Although shorter, there seem to be some steep areas between Badger Mtn and Badger Spring (the Tikaboo way).

How high in frequency does your scanner and counter go? The smaller dishes are usually used for frequencies above 10 Gigahertz. Were there any identification plates on the equipment? As they're on public land, I would think this site has nothing to do with the military.

BTW, we probably crossed paths that Saturday. Jackie and I had lunch at the Inn and then did the usual tourist thing at the mailbox and the Groom Lake Road border crossing. Spent the night in Alamo before heading to LV on Sunday. We were driving a big old blue van.

Dave Bethke

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