Re: Hoax aurora just because there are f-111's doesnt mean

Message posted by ALAN MARSHALL on July 06, 2002 at 15:10:30 PST:

In reply to my original message. Seems we have stirred up a hornet's nest! The following points need to be answered.
1. I did not mention JP-4 or any other fuel. I have worked at Mildenhall in the 70's when SR-71 flights were commonplace and I know what JP-8 is. Also this photo does show a typical multi aerial refuelling exercise and the two F-111's are exactly where you would expect them to be if they were waiting to be refuelled. If they were just escorts they would not be so close to the tanker.
2. If there were need to have an explainable radar return it was already there - it was the KC-135! As for chase planes, if this Aurora was going on a long trip it wouldn't have a T-38 or an F-16 as chase.
3. (This is the killer) There are many in flight refuelling areas over the North Sea, many well out of the way of oil platforms, so why would the USAF, or the CIA, for that matter, would want to advertise an aircraft which they deny they have? I await your replies with interest.

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