O/T Station House (Tonopah) in "Comp City"

Message posted by Mike on July 03, 2002 at 20:36:54 PST:

Reading Max Rubin's book on comps at casinos (I'm fascinated by high-rollers and the practice of casinos giving them free stuff) right now and was surprised that he mentions Tonopah's Station House casino. He refers to it as being in the category of "little joints out in the sticks". He writes, "you're unlikely to be in the Jailhouse in Ely or the Station House in Tonopah or the Fourway in Wells - unless you work on some double-secret government project out by where they hide the UFOs...". Really got a kick out of this since the Station House is where "Catman Joe" and I met up with Gary to go out exploring "double secret government projects" that may or may not hide UFOs! Anyway, if you're in Tonopah I highly recommend the Station House as a casino and place to stay the night.

"Sedalia" Mike Martin


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