Re: Hoax photograph of 'Aurora' over North Sea.

Message posted by Magoo on July 03, 2002 at 18:49:07 PST:

As Aaron so eloquently put it..., the picture doesn't suggest the F-111s were refuelling from the tanker at the same time as the 'Aurora'.

For an Aurora type aircraft to operate with relative impunity, it would probably need to fly at extreme speeds and altitudes, which means it would probably use an exotic fuel. The SR-71 could use JP-4 in an emergency if a 'Q' wasn't available, but it was restricted to subsonic speeds below 30,000 feet, and would have to RTB as quickly as possible!

However, the question has to be asked. Why would 3 F-111s be required to escort such an aircraft? If the reason is so as to provide an explainable radar blip to controllers in the area, then wouldn't one aircraft suffice?

If the aircraft were on an operation, then the USAF would probably have a dedicated 'escort' or chase aircraft based at Mildenhall or Fairford or Boscombe Down or Macrahanish for this purpose, and you can bet it wouldn't be an F-111. It would be a T-38, or an F-16 or something relatively inexpensive to operate and with good visibility for close formation flying. The F-111 is neither!

If anyone has flown escort for exotic military or test aircraft before, I'd be pleased to hear from them.

In the meantime, for me, the pic is a hoax. It raises more questions than it answers.


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