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Message posted by The Bothan Spy on July 02, 2002 at 23:33:23 PST:

The No Photograghy signs are posted to up hold a federal law, which is in the books to give the government authority to take your pictures if you shoot a photo that has something in it which threatens national security... So what kind of photos theaten national security?... It is really a matter of opinion... If you happen to get a nice close up shot of an exotic aircraft that you think "Doesn't exist"...I would get the hell out of there if I where you... Back in the days when the Lazar story first came out, Many people would have there photos taken from them...Even news crews; when they thought you might have gotten some good photos of the base, or snapped a picture of a security helicopter...Now days they don't seem to enforce it much anymore; people take pictures of the Cammo dudes (who like to stay far from cameras),helicopters, signs, and the bus all the time now without any trouble...If they are not in a bad mood , I wouldn't worry...Unless you get a photo of something that you would see on the 11 O clock news.

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