Re: First Badger Mountain Hike (6/29/2002)

Message posted by gary on June 30, 2002 at 21:51:06 PST:

Nice job, and congrats for not breaking any bones in your adventure. Two Tikaboos is one Tikaboo too many for me.

I guess that the site is not alarmed since you would expect them to send out the MH60 if they thought you were fiddling with their equipment.

It may be that it would cost more money to remove the unused equipment than to just let it rust. Also, the junk has a 50/50 chance of getting a lightening strike, which of course improves the odds for the remaining equipment.

One last thing to think about: If they don't use the site for radar, why bother putting a repeater on Badger at all? After all, they could put a repeater on a hill inside the border, perhaps with electricity? I wonder if the Badger facility is used in remote sensing for Red Flag scoring?

Regarding the lack of activity on the frequency counter, I'll start another thread as I have some ideas, but it is not exactly specific to Badger Mountain.

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