First Badger Mountain Hike (6/29/2002)

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on June 30, 2002 at 13:55:44 PST:

Many of you have seen the radio repeater on Badger Mountain, near Tikaboo Peak. Some say there is also a camera, pointed to the Tikaboo trail.

I hiked up to that site yesterday, and although I believe I chose the easiest way up, I have to give it at least two Tikaboos. To the best of my knowledge I am the first to ever hike up to the repeater site.

Anyway, there is no camera there, only two solar-powered radio repeaters. What is interesting is that the larger repeater (left on the attached photo) is no longer in use. The dishes are still there, and the box that contained the electronics, but it is empty. That repeater points directly at Mt Irish, and was part of the Doppler Early Warning system. This would confirm our earlier speculations that the doppler system has been replaced with a newer system. The hardware (minus the electronics) has likely been left there as a decoy, as the old road sensors, and some of the security cameras.

The other site is still hooked up to the solar panel, and appears to be in operation. Although I was not able to pick up any frequency on my scanner or freq. counter.

Also, there is no view to Groom from Badger Mtn. You look right at the back side of Tikaboo. More information and some photos on this web site soon.

Attached link: Badger Mountain Radio Facility


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