Re: web scanner audio mil-air comms (Link?)

Message posted by gary on June 27, 2002 at 13:32:33 PST:

I ran the radio a bit this morning on the Edwards tower civilian air freq trying to catch a Janet plane landing. Some dude from Texas kept changing the channel. I did hear some traffic from the Edwards tower, but the radio site is not close enough to Edwards to hear the airplanes, just the tower. I recorded some civillian callsign, but it wasn't a Janet plane.

There is a nice list of preprogrammed mil air freqs on the radio, though I don't see an easy way to grab them for use outside the javaradio.

If you can't control the radio, it is possible your java is cold, er I mean old. The Java lawsuit between Sun and Microsoft is very complicated, but basically IE comes with a very old version of Java that developers do not use. You can get fresh Java on the Sun website, but it isn't simple.

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