Re: web scanner audio mil-air comms

Message posted by fastwalker on June 26, 2002 at 19:58:16 PST:

during the times i have checked that audio link, almost continual traffic was monitored between about mid-day to late afternoon PST just about the time you tuned in when things get quiet. Sunday afternoon local pacific was also a good time to listen.
this is not actually a scanner like some other sites, but is a remote receiver affiliated with the Javaradio net, where other receiver sites can be controlled and tuned using a java web control panel by logging in to the site. audio streams are in Realaudio format.
it appears that the owner of the Lancaster site has not activated user controls or has removed them to prevent control by visitors. as far as i can tell, the freqs are being set by the owner of the receiver site.
to get a picture of what this is, and info on the other receive sites, see their web page at (link provided)

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