Predator via DishNetwork

Message posted by Anon E. Moose on June 24, 2002 at 6:21:37 PST:

I heard this a few weeks ago,

Heres the story in print, wonder what channel its on?

Dish network
Seasoned operators tell us it's no big deal that some dish customers can, from time to time, tune into images from the unmanned Predator beamed across the world via satellites.

"In Europe, we did use commercial satellites for routine UAV [unmanned airborne vehicles] in order to save bandwidth for higher-priority classified-ops traffic," said one military source. "When we run high-interest/classified UAV operations, we exclusively used encrypted military nets."

We assume the encrypted signals would include the times the CIA has used the Predator as a killer, remotely firing Hellfire missiles at top terrorists hiding in Afghanistan.


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