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Message posted by gary on June 23, 2002 at 0:09:46 PST:

There are homes on Mount Charleston, but they are really buried in the trees. If you recall that map I dug up for Capstone, there is a road that leads to the prisons on the otherside of the highway, across from Indian Springs. That road eventually leads to Cold Creek. Anyway, that puts it between Mount Charleston and Mount Sterling. The town has no power or phones. They depend on cell phones and off-the-grid power devices like generators or solar cells and batteries.

From my gps reading, I have N36 25 17.7 W115 43 46.6 at an altitude of 6056ft. Mount Stirling is N36 27 14.4 W115 58 08.2 at 8217. Mount Charleston is N36 16 19.4 W115 41 41.9 and slightly higher at 11918ft.

A vector from Tikaboo to Cold Creek is 66.8 miles bearing 184 magnetic or 198 true. Personally, I thought Charleston and stuff was to the west, but it is much more towards the south.

The tallest point between Tikaboo and Cold Creek is 6804ft, but Tikaboo is 7913ft, so I guess the math works out.

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