Re: B2 development at Groom?

Message posted by Magoo on June 22, 2002 at 23:26:16 PST:

As far as I'm aware, the B-2 was never 'based' at Groom, but it may well have flown against several of the radar installations at and near the base. Some of the systems may have been tested at Groom prior to being isntalled in the finished product, and yes, the Shamu was based there to test various aerodynamic and stealth aspects of the B-2.

The aircraft was rolled out at Palmdale in about 1989 before its first flight, but was only allowed to be viewed from front-on by the madia and dignatories at the rollout so as to hide the engine exhausts and trailing edge configuration. Unfortunately, they didn't count on a private aircraft flying overhead during the rollout ceremony from which there were several nice pics of the rear of the aircraft taken!


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