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Message posted by gary on June 22, 2002 at 1:17:47 PST:

I took a trip to Edwards to watch the shuttle land. They decided not to allow the public on base, which meant I had to watch from far away or storm the base (which some people did). Anyway, I headed up in the hills near California city. Nothing but lot after lot after lot of land. All the roads are roughed in, and phone lines are buried. It looked like the project failed about 20 years ago.

Note that the BLM auctions off land occasionally. You can also buy land where the owner has failed to pay taxes. I know a guy who bought two lots in Goldfield for a few hundred each, basically to pay off the tax bill. The guy has a plane and this gives him an excuse to fly there and check the property. The tax lien ads are in the newspaper. You could buy land for the tax bill in Lincoln county if you knew what newspaper the assessor uses for public notices.

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