Re: Cell phone coverage

Message posted by gary on June 19, 2002 at 22:54:12 PST:

My Star Tac on Verizon can roam on Tikaboo, but you have to be nearly up the first summit before it kicks it.

I got an external antenna for my cell phone that helps quite a bit. I haven't tried it on Tikaboo, but it helps quite a bit at the power line overlook. [Actually, I can't get coverage at the power line overlook without the antenna.

Incidentally, dual mode is good to have in remote areas. The cell phone service that is present is analog. Sometimes on hilltops you can get digital service, which I guess is coming in from Vegas.

Another thing to consider is talk time is very much reduced in these fringe areas because the cell phone is probably at max power. My star tac only does 20 minutes from the power line overlook.

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