Aurora Aircraft Page getting much needed makeover/update

Message posted by shadeone on June 18, 2002 at 10:00:26 PST:

as some of you might or moght not know, i am the aurora aircraft page's second webmaster.. i took over the page after paul hoff gave it to me way back when... (for those who dont know this is the page: )

well i really couldnt keep up with updating the site so i gave it to someone else to take care of until i could get everything in life that i needed to do at the time accomplished..... he proceeded to fill it with banners and "top 100" type site links and rarely ever actually added any content to the thing... now i cant get a hold of him to save my soul and luckily i still know the sites password..

therefore i am taking over the site again to add a lot of stuff including TONS of good images in the gallery relating to the aurora whether it be computer generated images, pictures of model planes, new contrail photos... whatever...

also coming later this year is a HIGHLY update aurora time line that wil feature just about every single reference ever made to aurora since 1977..

one more thing im adding is a comprehensive database of book/magaine/print/newspaper article listings that wil include all the articles and every print record that mentions aurora that has ever come to be over the past 10 years or so...

but like i said,this might take some time as i do have a real life, but i will notify you guys of updates...

hey, even if this thing doesnt exist, theres still a lot of s**t that needs to be added on that page because its one of the worlds great "legends" and we cant just let it die!!


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