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I went to the last capstone which was cancelled. I'll give you plan A and plan 1. [If I said plan A and plan B, you would think one plan was better than the other, which I wouldn't know since I didn't see any bombs dropped.]

Plan A:

There are small mesa-like areas near nigh 95 where I spotted some people parking. Presumably, they have watched capstone before, so these might be the propper observation points.

The image link I provided shows the road to Lee Canyon. Use this road (highway 156) as a reference and reset your trip odometer. The first mesa is 3 miles north of this location on your right hand side. [North means head up the highway, not true north.] The next mesa is 3.7 miles north, the third is 4.85 miles north, and the last is 6 miles north. Point Bravo, where the invited guests enter the range is 6.75 north. Again, all distances are from the intersection of 95 and 156, and all are heading north on the 95. For the GPS equiped, I did some drive-by waypoints when I scouted out the area, they are:
first mesa N36.50304 W115.51193
second mesa N36.50884 W115.52175
third mesa N36.51848 W115.53852
fourth mesa N36.52810 W115.55524
Point Bravo (for reference) N36.53469 W115.56613

Plan #1:
Again looking at the map in the link, find Cold Creek Road. This is 5.5 miles north of the 95/156 intersection. Driving on Cold Creek Road, you will see a turn off to the right in less than a mile. [I didn't log a waypoint here and the road is not on the topo map.] Take the right turn and shortly you will find a spot to park. There is plenty of trash here, so the spot might be used for Capstone observation. However, I had the spot to myself while there were about 6 trucks parked on the mesa spots.

I'm going to take plan #1. The advantage here is you are about 400ft higher than the bombing range. I think the photographs will be better from this location. I'm guessing the target is 7.5 miles from the spot in plan #1 and between 6 to 7 miles from the spots by the highway. I was able to hear the Nellis tower from the spot in plan #1, and I don't know if that is true from the highway.

Both spots are on the "military reservation", but Nellis does little security enforcement on the west side of 95. You will get a few flyovers from their security choppers, but no face to face security on the west side.

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