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Message posted by gary on June 07, 2002 at 0:26:48 PST:

I know the main entrance is at N36 25.557 W115 25.434. You have to sign in at the Corn Creek Field Station
at N36 26.283 W115 21.582. From what I can tell, that is the only place to get the so-called guides to the area. [There is a phone number on their website, but it is out of order.] The guides are pretty poor as far as maps go, but it has the usual warning like there is no water anywhere, no firearms in the park, etc.

Your second waypoint near 93 is the "alternate" way to Tikaboo that I tried with Mike and Catman Joe. It turned out to have a locked gate. I think the way back to 93 would be to take the road between N37 07.378 W115 11.283 and N37 12.419 W115 11.711, which is on the normal road to Tikaboo. That last point is where you make the hard right on the way to Tikaboo.

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