Kreskin is a Super Freak

Message posted by Quaylar on June 07, 2002 at 0:25:01 PST:

Well, I'm one of the dummies who went out in the desert Thurs. night at 9pm to see if Kreskin's prediction of The biggest UFO sighting of the Century, would appear. I was out at Red Rock Canyon with a great view of Vegas and the entire surrounding mountains. I took a cooler full of beer, my camcorder, bino's, and camera only to see NOTHING. Just the regular air traffic from McCarron going to and fro. There were some hippies close by watching the sky, chanting and playing bongos, smoking a little weed. One chick even took her top off as an offering to the aliens. No joke. After 2 and a half hours I packed up and left feeling like a loser. Thanks a lot Kreskin!


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