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Message posted by gary on June 06, 2002 at 20:06:18 PST:

I've studied the region a bit in preparation to drive through it. From what I can tell, the west-most border of R4806E is also the border of the NTTR and DOE, not that you could reach most of the border area given the nasty terrain. [BTW, it is Dog Bone Lake, though a T-bone sounds pretty good right about now.] This would be a pretty straight path to the airspace over Hiko I had mentioned. [It might be that dry lake near Hiko in the air to air refueling 641a]

Regarding KMMM, the R4806E NOTAM appeared in a few airspaces. I just happened to cut and past it from KMMM.

You can see the airspace map on DLR here:

For those not familiar with military notams, you get them at
Note that you must use https, not http.
For a location in the general area of groom, you can use 37 26 N 115 22 W and select maybe 100 miles. [The waypoint is roughly Mount Aaron near the ET highway.]

NOTAMS are a good source for forrest fires, crash recovery, missile launches, etc.

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