Re: new area51 research center?

Message posted by Rcteller on June 02, 2002 at 8:35:58 PST:

I posted about a an FAA safety meeting several weeks ago that might be of interest to those here. It dealt with safety navigating general avaition aircraft through and around the restricted ranges of the west.

I went to this meeting in SLC and it was very interesting. One of the controllers aluded to the fact he had worked around a "certain" airfield in Nevada that wasn't used by everyone. After that someone in the crowd asked about the restricted airspace near Green River. Another controller mentioned he had no clearance with respect to that area and the other controller said he WAS authorized to deal with that airspace and made it clear in no uncertain terms it was not an area we would want to fly through. He then said the matter was closed for discussion.

My money says interesting things happen in that airspace one way or the other.

Also, the controllers said there was no "secret" activities in their airspace. And that often general aviation aircraft are cleared through the restricted ranges if they're not "hot". They seemed very candid about their work but it still wouldn't suprise if still classified airfraft would use the area if they had ground attack missions.


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