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Message posted by rocketfox on June 01, 2002 at 7:30:53 PST:

I know we've had one of these pictures posted here before, as after the fact I remembered a discussion about an SR-71 looking mark on the desert runway...

If I remember right, we did idintify an actual SR-71 on the Flight Line, {in the largest picture, the flight line in the lower right hand corner, which is, I think, Dryden.

As I was looking at this photo, I noticed something interesting to me. in the upper left corner of the picture, by the compass rose between 315 & 270 degrees, there's a similar shape on a taxiway between 270 and 255, in front of a hangar,is a third shape and a fourth one farther down near the 255 indicator.

I didn't think there were that many -71's existant.

I also noted several drafting or cartography marks on this photo, and these may be items added post-exposure. any thoughts? Ideas? I'm open..


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