Re: 800-1200mm telephoto lens - good enuff for Tikaboo?

Message posted by gary on May 31, 2002 at 23:27:12 PST:

FYI, I forgot to mention something regarding taking long telephoto shots. If the lens has a really small aperture (like F14), you can sometimes have problems with light from the viewfinder effecting the exposure because the light from the lens is quite low. Remember the 2x teleconverter costs you two stops.

Here is how you get into trouble. You put the camera in auto and hold the remote trigger release waiting for the wind to die down. However, the light leak from the viewfinder will effect the exposure since your eye is not back there blocking the light. What you want to do is set the camera to manual once you know the proper exposure. Use this setting for the whole sequence of photos. This is a good idea anyway since you want to stitch these photos together to make a panoramic, so you want each photo to have similar exposure.

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