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Message posted by gary on May 31, 2002 at 22:22:17 PST:

What I liked the most were the cool headlines. I must have been really fun to pick up the paper one day and read about the missing spy plane. Other events going on at the time was Frank Sinatra being investigated for "skimming" (aka taking a small cut of the gambling proceeds off the books), a building being dynamited, some guy returning from the "dead" (i.e. he faked his death), and a UFO sighting in Michigan, including photos. Funny thing is the USAF base (Selfridge) denied any knowledge about a UFO in the area, i.e. it didn't show up on their radar.

The trouble with reading old LVRJ and Sun papers is there is no index available to the public beyond the last 6 years. If there was a follow up about the cameras being found, how the heck would you know what day's paper it would be in? I only searched the papers up to the end of January, 1967.

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