Re: Quiet Supersonic Aircraft.....

Message posted by John on May 18, 2002 at 14:31:54 PST:

I would think considerable testing at Area 51 because
of the Areas involvment with Lockheeds from its "discovery", complete Military control of "the Box"
over the Area and an ongoing active Airforce Base that is always flying Training Missions. The remoteness and very low population Density would also really be a plus
in "keeping a Secret" Posted on this Web-Sight are some
excellent photos of Engine Test Cells, located on Groom, what better place to test a new design! Secrecy, Neighbors wont
complain about the noise, NO E.P.A.!!!!!!!!!! Deadly Toxic
and Exotic Fuels are OK! and in the interest of National Security...the Technicions cant sue if they get
sick or die. Reguards...John

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