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Message posted by NC-Nighthaw on May 17, 2002 at 11:44:41 PST:

The comment about "air traffic controllers are civilians, so I guess they don't have to sign anything to prevent them from telling what they see " may not be totally correct. I live in the area of RDU airport in NC which is just a short distance from SJ AFB. If you know anything about Seymour Johnson AFB you know that the A12, SR71, & F117 were temporary based there for several missions. The Air Traffic controller have a view of SJ on their scopes & can be heard vectoring aircraft into approach for the base.

One several occasions they (controllers)were contacted by airport personnel during the early morning hours about unique sounding aircraft approaching & over flying the area around near RDU. Their short response was that you don't need to know & then disconnection. They have a knowledge that there are special aircraft flying in & out of SJ AFB and more then likely have a special security clearance which they signed.

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