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Message posted by gary on May 16, 2002 at 0:36:45 PST:

Digging a bit more through the yucca paperwork, I found this photo of area51:
It has no credits, but looks like was taken from an off-site observation point. I would say they swiped it from some area51 website, but I don't recall photos where you can see a fence near the base. The fence I am referring to is in the shadow area of the hill near the bottom of the photo.

If you read all the boring letters going back and forth between the military and the DOE, the USAF is dead set against the nuclear waste travelling through their base. You know, everyone treats this stuff like, well, nuclear waste! The letters quit around 1998. It is not clear what the final route will be, though I recall a route using 215 and ultimately route 95.

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