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Message posted by willy nammer on May 13, 2002 at 9:28:35 PST:


There are no "F" or "YF" on the other side, just the number, preceeded by a call sign (ie Bandit, Scorpion, Dagger, etc). At first, before all the "stealth" hoopla, the MiG-17s were known as Red Bandit, MiG-21s were known as Blue Bandit, etc. The "F-117" designation, as everyone that know anything about it has always stated that it was a mistake. The number "117" was simply plucked from the Bandit 117 call sign. Nothing complicated about. During its highly classified "black" days, Senior Trend was known as "117." And, most, if not all these "113, 110" designations are duplicative - stealth prototypes and the MiGs etc. And, last, they are not designations, they call signs or simple ID numbers.


PS: There is no number magic. The "84" and "844" simply indicates a month and/or year.

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