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You might want to try this list as well:

Not essential but really nice is to have a set of David Clark headphone so you can hear the scanner. Radio Shack sells "racing" headphones that work nearly as well. I've also used ear-buds and Peltor hearing protectors (the kind sold for gun use, not shop use).

In the SF Bay Area, somebody generally goes out to the team practice (a day before the show), and gets all the freqs, then puts them on a local yahoogroups list.

You can bandscan to get the blue angels since their ground transmissions aren't very interesting. [By bandscanning, you will probably miss early transmissions.] The Thunderbirds, on the other hand, sing a very silly song before taking off, so it is nice to have the ground freq.

BTW, I liked the B2 photo too. Every show I've gone to where the B2 was supposed to fly managed to disappoint me because the B2 wasn't there. Worse yet, I was at Edwards the last day when the SR71 was supposed to fly and it got cancelled due to a fuel leak. Grrr...

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