B2 photo

Message posted by J Klier on May 08, 2002 at 22:29:49 PST:

A B-2 did make an appearance at the airshow I attended this weekend. Here's the URL to some photos I shot.


There's only a few photos that will be of interest to most on this forum. There's a couple of shots of a F-15 flying in formation with a P-47 and one shot of the B-2. The rest are of WWII aircraft and military vehicles.

This airshow is not very photography friendly. The sun is in your lens for most of the show. The B-2 made 3-4 passes which were all flown fairly level. With the sun where it was most of my shots were of a jet black triangle with hardly any surface detail. Last year the B-2 made some very high banking passes that allowed for some shots of the upper surface.



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