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Message posted by gary on May 07, 2002 at 12:49:54 PST:

For you plane photographers out there, I spotted this lens on ebay:
I have the same lens. You can do handheld shots with iso 100 film with this lens, though a monopod and ball head mount would be a good idea. With a 118mm aperture, this is bigging than many telescopes.

Nikon users need to buy

, specifically DL-0619, which has a glass element to allow focusing at infinity. [The simple adapters will not focus at infinity.]
The buy it now price is actually a good deal.

If you look carefully at the photo of the lens, you will see what looks like a tab sticking up near the middle of the lens. It is actually a "gun sight".

This lens comes apart midway and looks like it would work on some sort of medium format camera, but don't know the specifics.

The ad mentions a K mount adapter for $10, but I don't know if this will allow focusing at infinity or not.

For photographing airplanes, you would leave the f stop at 4.5 and let the camera pick the proper timing. If your camera doesn't have auto-exposure, you would be doomed since you will be busy with the focus ring.

The screw to nikon adapter does not appear to be compatible with the good nikon tele-extenders, i.e. they would contact my TC301, but I am going to try to use a macro tube to prevent physical contact.

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