Re: bald mountain camera and new camo dude truck

Message posted by gary on May 06, 2002 at 12:05:17 PST:

The very nature of focusing the camera makes it possible to judge the distance if you have an electronic indication of how the focus mechanism was moved. Given the effective focal length and size of the CCD sensor, you can predict the size of objects that the camera views. Field of view calculations are common when setting up security cameras. Here is one example:

I think the camera is used to fine tune on some situation (truck, person, etc.) that has already tripped a sensor. It is pretty hard to just pan around and spot an object of interest. It may be that the camera simply tracks vehicles on the ET Highway, just in case the operation near Groom Lake wants to launch something during the day. There isn't much they can do about observers parked around the base, though the camo dudes and helicopter may be used as a diversion.

On a note somewhat related to the bovine cam, I read that the DOD has designed electronics for controlling the movement of rats, with the intent to make a rat cam or other surveillance device. They use electricity to make the rat move it's muscles. I can only asume PETA is working on a lawsuit.

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