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Message posted by Koji on May 05, 2002 at 22:08:05 PST:

Although said repeatedly, it is only what should take into consideration the technical restrictions produced by using it about use of Extender.
And the photographer of whether it is used or not is
that self judges.

For example, a picture image becomes dark by using it. I think that it is necessary to also unite and take such a thing into consideration.

I use Fuji Provia 100F regularly.
This film is a reversal film and needs cautions for an
exposure setup than a negative film as known.

Thinking that my receive restrictions most is that a picture becomes dark by use of Extender, and it is that the cases where shutter speed must be late set up in connection with it increase in number.

It is clearly disadvantageous that shutter speed must be late set up in order to prevent a picture image becoming dark when photoing the photographic subject which is moving like the aircraft under flight.

It is effective when photoing a car, for example during a run about Image Stabilizer using a slow shutter.

It is because the direction from which a lens is moved in this case is a horizontal direction.

This system is effective when photoing a perpendicular direction and the horizontal thing which is moving and standing it still.

When photoing the airplane under flight, a lens is set and moved to a motion of the body.

In many cases, a motion of the lens at this time is a motion which cannot expect the effect of IS System.

That is, it is an irregular motion or is the direction
of slant.
In such a motion, the effect of IS System does not show up as expected.

However, about the effect of IS System, opinions are divided also among my friends as I stated in the past.

When actually photoing what has a change of speed shallow landing accuracy and few like a large-sized
passenger plane, the effect may show up.

And although it is the case where they are the binoculars which you said, in case the binoculars with IS System of Canon read the serial number of the airplane under parking, they are very useful for me.

Does it turn out why IS System is helpful in this case?

The thing which I want to say at the end having the strong point and demerit by any systems, respectively, and understanding and using it is leading to receiving the benefit by the system.

If there is the further opinion about my opinion, it is wished that I have you contact directly through my mail address.

It is because it thinks that it is separated from the theme of this discussion forum.


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