Re: bald mountain camera and new camo dude truck

Message posted by Rocketfox on May 05, 2002 at 20:38:43 PST:

Very good points, one and all. After thinking about it a bit, though here's an amplification.

If it's a rangefinder, the key is in the remote operation. true, a meter or focus repeater could tell the distance plus or minus some, but it's not perhaps as accurate as might be required for the job at hand.

If it's an independent system, it could very well be a thermal imager for night operations.

Having the option of independent coverage would allow for multiple observations when needed, with the possibility that it can also be slaved to the daytime optics.

If it was me, I'd install a thermal imager and a rangefinder in the second unit, with the option of slaving it to the already installed camera. It depends, I expect, on the desired level of security.

Like I said before, it's pure speculation, but based on what's "on the shelf" and available,and makes sense for that area.

I have no clue, and your guess is certainly as good as mine. Based on the size of the origina camera package though, I'd wager it's gyro stabilised, and has a really good lens. Having see what's in the civilian market being used for newsgathering from choppers, the size indicates something I would not expect to see out here in the real world.

It's interesting though, I'll verify that..

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