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Message posted by gary on May 05, 2002 at 19:39:02 PST:

You really need to think twice about using tele-extenders. Nikon seems to have the lock on really sharp tele-extenders, but canon has revised their EOS converters twice to get some parity. Generally you don't want to use a tele-extender unless the object will be so small on the film that grain will become an issue. When I shoot planes at Nellis, I just crop the image because film like Fuji Provia 100F has plenty of resolution. However it the subject is really far away, you need to use a tele-extender. I am told that they will always degrade the sharpness of the image, but better to have an image that is not quite as sharp as compared to one that is really grainy.

There is some question if Image Stabilization softens the focus of the image. You really shouldn't turn it on if you are meeting the requirement for a sharp image, i.e. a shutter speed faster than the inverse of the focal length for handheld shots. If you use a tripod, the IS should be turned off. [At tleast that is the advice Canon gives for their camcorders.]

A friend of mine has the Canon IS binoculars. IS seems to be much more useful in that application.

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