Re: bald mountain camera and new camo dude truck

Message posted by Rocketfox on May 05, 2002 at 16:43:18 PST:

All right, let's think for a moment.

What we don't need is to hear something out in the desert, where all the wind noise and lonesome cows will generally make a hash of things.

What we do need from that location is the knowledge of *where* something is.

Now I'm gonna guess, but it's froma perspective as a Cameraman and Audio Technican, both of which I was in the Service.

From the dimensions, it's a reasonable guess that the larger of the two moving boxes is a camera, heavy duty, large zoom lens, and likely with night vision adapters included. That's all well and good, but a prblem arises in the usage thereof. Lets say you've seen something out on the other hill, and you've zoomed into to look at it. at that point, it's not easy to exactly tell where it is your looking at, and how far away it may be without some sort of assistance.

The answer is reasonably simple. Attach a selsyn {slave} motoer to anot box that contains a laser rangefinder, and boresight the two of them together. With a few simple additions like a relative bearing index, you can then line something up in the camera, zoom in on it, and then "range" it and tell exactly where it is. Handy to make sure to the inch that one is not straying over the semi-marked border.

Remember, this is just a speculative guess on my part, I've not been to the facility nor do I know anyone {currently} who has. It's just simple logic, to me. Here's a way to test it. next tie you visit the area, take a large piece of white paper with you. place the paper in front of your position, and wait. after you have finished for the day, if there's a scorch mark on the paper, it was a laser rangefinder. This was how they used to calibrate them in the service.

Another thought, It may be a slaved camera. with different optics or sensors. and does not have to be slaved all the time, but can be independent at need.

Either way, I seriously doubt there's a need for a mike, much less a laser mike, geven the correct assessment that it has to have a surface to reflect off of.

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