Re: bald mountain camera and new camo dude truck

Message posted by John on May 05, 2002 at 15:45:36 PST:

Dear Gary: Sorry 4 the delay, both I and my pal were
at work. Joe said that the "lazer mics. he has seen in use are Lazer Aimed ", he is a sound Tech. for an Entertainment Production Company. As in the Mc Cartney Concert. Joe spoke to the Chief Production Eng. who runs the multitrack sound mixer (Sound Booth) This man said that the Lazer Mic. you are referring to is a specialist Survelience "tool" that, as you stated,must
have a piece of glass to pick up the sound waves from.
Yes the Freq. IS! 10 HZ. and the Sine wave distortions
is the part that is considered "the conversation" This
man also said that at the range you and Joerg are talking about would cost our Govt. aprox $250,000.00! per. Mic.
not counting the rest of the required Technology just to overhear your conversation. I hope this has been of help....Reguards...John

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