Re: Fastmover Sighting

Message posted by aaron johnson on May 05, 2002 at 2:56:16 PST:

In most situations concerning the controlling of air-traffic at any airport. In my flight experience as an pilot in command of a single engine aircraft of various types. Fastmover refers to high a performance aircraft and slow-mover will refer to a civilian or the like, or a non high-performance aircraft.

Extreme caution and care must be taken in the handling or the airspace management of these 2 different types of aircraft. Issues of concern are spacing and landing characteristics hince fast or slow mover. In reviewing the text version of the communication traffic, I have concluded there is no special reference to any exotic black op bird, do to a second fast mover was also awaiting clearance for takeoff from groom tower. Which has me to suspect the normal Airforce variety of aircraft ie F-15, F-16 or the like, but in all open honesty I could be in error or they could be playing with the newer JSF birds out there, until they go to edwards for overal and longterm flight eval ops, etc.

Regards Aaron J.

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