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Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on May 04, 2002 at 22:12:21 PST:

Well, lets see... The Powerlines, although my favorite scanner spot, would probably come in last for "bird watching". Occasionally you get the heavier planes come across there, then following the mountains towards Coyote Summit, trying to stay below radar. But the lighter strike packages on their way from Texas Lake (Delamar Lake, east of Alamo) into the ranges would be quite far away in your back, crossing the Northern Pahranagat Range though a gap further north.

The area north and west of Cedar Pipeline Ranch is a great spot to watch the air drop exercises. There are several drop zones in that vicinity. There is also a good chance that you get lucky and see some great dogfights there, although often very high up.
As you said, you can get some amazing photos there, but you may also hang there all day and come home empty handed. The nice thing, especially in summer, is that there is some shade.

My personal favorite is that little hill just south of Coyote Summit (known as Chuck's hill). You won't see a lot of dogfights here, but there is about a 30-50% chance that you will see a whole package go in through the gap in the mountains at very low altitude, basically right overhead. Lots of Kodak moments, but you have to be quick. You don't get much early warning. All of a sudden they are all around you going into the ranges.

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